Jagdish Industries Group.

It is believed that those seeking perfection in life do not fall prey to momentary successes. It is also said that those who make a big name in business do not run for monetary benefits, they long for customer solutions. We understood this fact and we swore to stand by it. Established in 1965, we always looked for prevalent issues in the industry and the industry we chose was the food processing and storage industry. Initially, we made some sure we manage some of the basic variants of daily needed equipment by industrialists, but later on, we gained certain expertise in the field of special-purpose storage solutions and project management.

At Jagdish Industries Group, our core focus stays on the customer needs. The food processing industry is not what it used to be a decade ago and we are in this quest for more than five decades now. Our design and commissioning team are always on the run for the customers who need us for a creative discussion or a design trial. Our safety and equipment calibration team makes sure your factory stays safe while operating on our machinery. And our marketing team makes sure that new clients don’t leave our facility without knowing something new. We were and are always looking for sheer professionalism and quality and we will be seeking that only in the future. You can contact us for a new installation, trial, audit, or technical discussion on working days and our communication team will be more than happy to hear from you.

You don’t get to find many companies in today’s marketplace, unlike Jagdish Industries Group that date back more than five decades and is still on the top for customer satisfaction. Since the foundation in 1965, we have satisfactorily served the clients with sheer professionalism. The following are some of our milestones along the journey we have experienced:


Jivarajbhai T Rathod established Jagdish industries supplying farming equipment.

Introduced the thresher machine in India and elected the eldest brother Jagdishbhai as the chairperson.
Enriched product portfolio with Maize Sheller and Paddy Thresher
Introduced electric aarti machine used for auspicious occasions
Manufactured Groundnut decorticator machine for the edible peanuts oil industry

Garnered manifold demands for cleaning and processing machines. Added sorting, elevating and cleaning equipment for the peanut industry


Jagdish Industries goes international


Suffered the loss of our founder

Tapped into cleaning and processing of Almonds & Cashew nuts

3rd Junior KishorbhaiRathod led the company midyear due to jagdishbhai’s accident

Throttled company growth by extending product line with storage, plant installation & commissioning
Established Shubh Overseas as subsidiary global assistance
Emerged as Key Player

Funded another international service firm


Flourishing for the decades to come...