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All the challenges mentioned above were the building blocks on which we established customer trust. We decided to offer our clients the best we can. We made our products to distribute them into three categories based on the three vital steps of any food processing industry. The first stage of any industry is storage. We offer cardinal storage solutions namely silo and storage hoppers. We guarantee to cover almost all the agricultural products that need storage that can be stored in one of these two storage options. We also look forward to site visits of the client facility to make sure which storage solution is required and reliable for our clients. We also consider budget while designing a custom storage solution and we make sure that our clients only pay for what they are getting. We leave no stones unturned when it comes to ruminating about a special storage requirement of a rather different product and design the storage by the product needs. In our project management segment, we do our best to custom-tailor our products such as conveyors and storage tanks to avail the best results to our clients. We make sure our client’s products stay the way they entered the facility for a long time.

Apart from storage solutions, we deal with processing machines and cleaning apparatuses. The processing of different food materials is different. Some food materials like rice and wheat just need sorting. Our automatic sorting maidens do that job for you and reduce the amount of error that is present in labor work. Also, some granules and pulses like almonds and peanuts require sorting based on grade and size of the pulse. Our peanut sizing grader and shaker works perfectly for this aspect since it used a variable drive to sort different types of grades. Moreover, we have a circular grader that circulates the contents and sorts them as per the size of the grades. We offer almond crushing with the help of almond cracking machine and we also propose garlic pulper to make the garlic paste. Besides, we propose cotton ginning machines that can be helpful to cotton manufacturing entities and other such cotton universities. Along with processing machines, we have an array of cleaning machinery to offer. We offer stone removal from grains with the help of a de-stoner machine, stone separator machine, and we also give the option of dust accumulation through the dust collector machine. Our peanut shelling machine is popular for removing peanut shells and you will be captivated by the portable cotton ginning machine.

Similarly, the conveyance or transfer of the product is equally important for us in case of product conditioning. We offer product transfer solutions that encompass all the major conveyor technologies. We provide bucket elevators that can lift and haul liquid as well as solid food products. We propose the traditional belt conveyors for transferring all the agricultural goods like rice and wheat grains. We offer screw conveyors that are enabled with tapered screw blades and are responsible for the rapid and accurate conveyance of valuable pulses almonds. We also suggest using Z-type bucket conveyors of the movement of the material is above the ground level. Z-type bucket conveyors are the next big thing in the hauling and lifting applications. We also offer bucket conveyors having a simple bucket hauling mechanism that allows the food products to lift themselves. The primary advantage of using bucket elevators is that the buckets filled with agricultural materials can be directly fed to the process so that the final product can be obtained in a mannered form. With the entire product line we offer, we only long for the best outcomes of our clients and the highest production achievements. All our products are citified with conforming standards.