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We've been making intriguingly different food processing systems since 1973.

Jagdish Industries Group

It is believed that those seeking perfection in life do not fall prey to momentary successes. It is also said that those who make a big name in business do not run for monetary benefits, they long for customer solutions. We understood this fact and we swore to stand by it. Established in 1965, we always looked for prevalent issues in the industry and the industry we chose was the food processing and storage industry. Initially, we made some sure we manage some of the basic variants of daily needed equipment by industrialists, but later on, we gained certain expertise in the field of special-purpose storage solutions and project management.

At Jagdish Industries Group, our core focus stays on the customer needs. The food processing industry is not what it used to be a decade ago and we are in this quest for more than five decades now. Our design and commissioning team are always on the run for the customers who need us for a creative discussion or a design trial. Our safety and equipment calibration team makes sure your factory stays safe while operating on our machinery. And our marketing team makes sure that new clients don’t leave our facility without knowing something new. We were and are always looking for sheer professionalism and quality and we will be seeking that only in the future. You can contact us for a new installation, trial, audit, or technical discussion on working days and our communication team will be more than happy to hear from you.


Efficiency is the key to reduce the incurred costs and with decreased incurred costs comes the return of investment (ROI). Our technical team welcomes suggestions for you and assures you of rapid ROIs through our efficient product line. Your production line must have a weak link if you are lacking healthy returns and we ensure to find that weak link only to replace it with ours. Reach us to get further details and come to know about quantifiable ROI aspects.

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